Holiday Guide to St Lucia
Your pleasure, is St Lucia’s raison d’être.

Holiday Guide to St Lucia
Your pleasure, is St Lucia’s raison d’être.

Newcomers to Caribbean holidays could be under the impression that this region is just one glorious, sun-drenched network of palm-fringed islands. The truth is that each country has its own unique character and offering. This makes it possible to have a different holiday experience with each visit to the region.

For me (and for well over one million other visitors each year) the best Caribbean destination, in terms of personality and pleasure, is undoubtedly St Lucia. Especially if you’re looking for luxury vacations in the West Indies.

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View of the Pitons from the beach through palm trees in St LuciaTurtles swimming underwater

The magnificent, unmissable Pitons

Approach St Lucia from water or sky, and from miles away you will see the magnificent Pitons rising up from the azure blue of the Caribbean Sea. These two mountainous volcanic spires are the island’s most outstanding landmark in more ways than one; ancient, mysterious and stunningly beautiful. Petit Piton and Gros Piton can be climbed using the services of well-informed local guides. Hiking the Pitons is an unforgettable holiday experience, providing once in a lifetime views. However, it takes around four hours to complete the full walk and even with refreshment breaks, this is not for the faint-hearted (or the hungover!).

If something gentler is preferred, the Tet Paul Nature Trail is less of a challenge and gives you incredible views of the volcanic mountains. Or, for a truly unique view, St Lucia offers the opportunity to drive into one of its volcanoes! How’s that for adventure!

St Lucia mountains seen through flowersSt Lucia harbour

More features of the island – bountiful bays and beaches

There are many reasons why St Lucia features on so many luxury cruise itineraries. One is that approaching it from the Caribbean Sea is an uplifting and unforgettable experience. The other is the island’s flawless beaches.

These would be impossible to sum up here but include Marigot Bay, which is only accessible by boat. It’s small but perfectly formed.

Another wonderful spot is Rodney Bay in the North West of the island; with its horseshoe-shaped stretch of golden sand, and a refreshing man-made lagoon to swim in.

Pigeon Island is a must-see for anyone on holiday in St Lucia. It’s now joined to the mainland and manages to encapsulate the cultural, historic and natural magnificence of this proud country.

For a St Lucia couples holiday, one of the best locations is Anse Chastanet, a lush tropical haven with incredible beaches that leave you…speechless!

St Lucia harbourBeach villa with jetty in the Maldives

Exploring inland – heritage of a proud nation

Mother Nature is responsible for most of the reasons why a luxury holiday to St Lucia should be on everyone’s bucket list. However, the island also holds important relics of its past to add to its beguiling personality.

The French were the first “outsiders” to settle here, signing a treaty with the native Carib Indians in 1660. For many years, a battle raged between the British and the French to grab hold of this important piece of paradise. Finally, in February 1979 St Lucia became an independent state. There are still traces of both France and England in its civil and legal processes and its cultural legacy.

Though the island’s official language is English, listen out for poetic Patois (or Patwa). This is the Creole French still spoken by around 95% of St Lucians.

Woman at the edge of a swimming pool with sunglasses onBeach villa with jetty in the Maldives

 Fun and fabulous things to do in St Lucia

No holiday guide to St Lucia can fail to mention its abundant water sports. You will have an excellent choice of places to hire equipment, or book coaching sessions, for options that include kite surfing, snorkelling, scuba diving, sailing and speedboats. Or, book a boat tour for effortless adventure!

You should also take a trip to the St. Lucia Botanical Gardens (sometimes referenced as Diamond Botanical Gardens). It’s a mind-bogglingly colourful place, and also offers the hypnotic Diamond Waterfall.

Remember too, as this is a Caribbean island, you can expect colourful carnivals and festivals dotted throughout the year. This includes La Rose (the rose festival on 30th August)and La Marguerite (another dazzling flower festival on 17th October).

However, one of the biggest annual events to draw people to this island is the St Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival. Big names from around the Globe perform at this Spring event, especially at its magical finale which takes place on Pigeon Island.

Cricket is big throughout the West Indies, so catch a match if you happen to arrive in the right season. Sailing is pretty much year-round in St Lucia, so check listings for events and competitions linked to this and other watersports.

View of exotic cuisine from aboveBeach villa with jetty in the Maldives

St Lucia’s Food and Drink

Caribbean holidays will inevitably mean eating the rich bounty of the seas and islands. Which means seafood will feature heavily, including the best, hour-fresh lobsters this reviewer has ever eaten! The succulent St Lucia Lambi (conch) is also one to look out for.

Then, of course, there is the rum, which definitely tastes far superior when drunk close to where it is distilled. In a cocktail, decorated with a shower of nutmeg from the spice islands, this is guaranteed to put you in the holiday mood.

Other local food items that will appear on menus include moist mangoes, rich avocados and plump green figs. Try the breadfruit too, a flavoursome starch that’s a local speciality.

As Creole French is still an influence on the island of St Lucia expect that to also influence many of your dining opportunities. For an unforgettable view while you eat delicious Caribbean food, head to the Jade Mountain Club in Soufriere, St. Lucia; it’s magnificent!

Resort beach at the BodyHoliday in St LuciaBedroom at the BodyHoliday hotel in St Lucia

Best places to stay in St Lucia

St Lucia is firmly focused on making sure that day tourists and holidaymakers enjoy a visit they will never forget.

Which is why accommodation on the island is generally of a very high standard and includes opulent options for luxury breaks and honeymoons in St Lucia.

The perfect example is the Body Holiday Hotel, somewhere you “experience” rather than simply “stay at”.

Perfectly situated in lush greenery, on a secluded cove of perfect white sand, this St Lucian hotel takes care of your mind, body and holiday plans! If you want to totally unwind and relax on this idyllic island, the Body Holiday Hotel can demonstrate why it’s world famous for its emphasis on wellbeing.

In a nutshell, if you want to know what bliss feels like, St Lucia has made your pleasure its raison d’être.

Just Perfect: Romantic World Destination

This is a truly romantic world destination, so if you’re searching for a St Lucia couples holiday or Caribbean honeymoon you’re in the right place.

It also has great options for family holidays in the Caribbean, but be prepared to be flexible. You’re on Caribbean time here; the pace is leisurely, and clocks have little or no significance in your day.

Despite its popularity, St Lucia feels quiet. The island has “many sides” to it and peaceful, private spots to head for. Yet it also has a sophisticated tourism infrastructure that’s geared towards keeping holidaymakers both safe and content.

St Lucia has the perfect tropical climate too, with year-round sunshine and day time temperatures of around 30°C (86.0°F). The northeast trade winds moderate this glorious heat. The island’s “dry season” goes from 1st December to 31st May. Between 1st June and 30th November you should expect some tropical rain; which can be most refreshing! Even peak Hurricane season (August and September) has plenty of glorious sunshine.

This holiday guide to St Lucia is packed full of more information and carries a vague sense of longing, as the reviewer is keen to go back soon!

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Perfectly situated in lush greenery, on a secluded cove of perfect white sand, this St Lucian hotel takes care of your mind, body and holiday plans! If you want to totally unwind and relax on this idyllic island, the Body Holiday Hotel can demonstrate why it’s world famous for its emphasis on wellbeing.

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Perfect holidays in St Lucia

Many people see St Lucia as the dream holiday destination. This perfect Caribbean island has award-winning beaches, the friendliest people you could wish to meet and some of the most fantastic food and drink to be enjoyed. But when is the best time to visit?

If you’re dreaming of your very own Caribbean holiday this year, here are our top tips to help you decide when to book.