Your next island escape – The Caribbean or the Maldives

Caribbean or the Maldives? Decisions, decisions…

When you close your eyes and imagine the perfect beach holiday, the chances are you dream of golden sand beneath your feet, a gentle breeze providing refuge from the hot sun, and the sound of waves lapping gently against the seashore. There are a number of beautiful destinations that fit this description, but there are two breath-taking regions in particular that are almost synonymous with “beach holiday”. These are, of course, the Maldives and the Caribbean.

Fortunately, we’ve put together this comprehensive guide to holidaying in the Caribbean and the Maldives to help you decide which destination is best suited to you.

Caribbean Holidays

The Caribbean is an area of North America comprised of many countries and islands teeming with incredible wildlife and jaw-dropping coastlines, and is home to some of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. Be the envy of your friends and family by swimming with wild turtles in Barbados, wandering the colourful streets of Cuba, and scuba diving in Grenada on your next Caribbean holiday.

Here’s all the information you need to know:

Woman on beach CaribbeanIdyllic tropical beach


When you hear of the Caribbean, the first image to pop into your head is bound to be that of a white sand beach with crystal blue waters.

The Caribbean is characterised by its truly spectacular beaches, so it’s no surprise that tourists fly from across the globe to bathe in the tepid sea and enjoy some of the world’s most impressive views.

The most beautiful Caribbean beach is subject to opinion, but there are hundreds eligible for the top spot.

From the pink sand beaches of the Bahamas to the sweeping, forested coastlines of St Lucia, there really is something for everyone when you holiday in the Caribbean.

Street musician playing drums in TrinidadTrinidad de Cuba panoramic skyline

The Culture

The Caribbean is a wildly fascinating place to explore, with a rich culture and extraordinary history to learn all about. As a region situated in North America, many countries and communities have been influenced by American culture, however, the region has been influenced largely by African culture, too.

Culture, language and tradition do, of course, vary from country to country. For instance, whereas Spanish is the language primarily spoken in the Dominican Republic, French is the language spoken most commonly in Martinique. These differences are a reflection of each country and islands’ unique and captivating history.

Spicy Grilled Jerk Chicken with Lime and SpicesSpices to Make Jamaican Jerk Seasoning

The Food

For a true taste of the Caribbean, we recommend getting stuck in and trying as much regional cuisine as you can during your next island break. There are many delicious foods you can expect to find, but here are just a few you really shouldn’t leave without trying:

Papaya – For a refreshing dish that’ll leave your taste buds tingling, look no further than papaya – a tasty fruit that can be used to flavour salads and cocktails or simply enjoyed by itself.

Jerk – Jerk is a Jamaican style of cooking used to prepare meat with a spiced, smoky taste. It is often used to prepare chicken and is now a popular style of cooking across the world.

Plantain – Plantain, otherwise known as a “cooking banana”, is a type of fruit often added to stews or fried and eaten by itself. It looks like a typical banana but should be cooked before being eaten.

Shirley Heights Antigua viewWoman in a pool while it's raining in the Maldives

When Is The Best Time To Go?

Fortunately for holidaymakers everywhere, the Caribbean boasts wonderfully warm and tropical temperatures all year around. This makes it the ideal spot to enjoy swimming in the sea (without getting goosebumps!), dining outdoors, and finally wearing your favourite pair of sunglasses. Of course, as the Caribbean is so vast, every country’s temperature will vary slightly, so it’s always advisable to double check before you book your next holiday. However, as a general rule:

Spring – During the months of spring, temperatures are comfortable in the mid-20s and rainfall is low.

Summer – During the summer, temperatures can reach upwards of 30 degrees. As temperatures rise, so do levels of rainfall. From the months of June to November there is a heightened risk of hurricanes, but large-scale storms are infrequent.

Autumn – As autumn begins, levels of rainfall begin to decline. Temperatures also begin to fall, but only slightly to an average of 27 degrees.

Winter – Unlike many countries across the globe which experience harsh temperatures and abundant rainfall, Caribbean countries such as Jamaica and Barbados are pleasantly warm with minimal rain. Why not enjoy a paddle on Christmas day?

Maldives Holidays

The playground of the rich and famous, the Maldives truly are one of the most spectacular holiday destinations in the world. A nation of 26 atolls (circular coral reefs), the islands which make up the Maldives can be found tucked away in the Indian Ocean and are famous for incredible blue skies, seas so clear you can spot shoals of fish basking in the sun, and hotels so extravagant you’ll never want to leave. For a truly luxurious island break, look no further than the breathtaking islands of the Maldives.

From Maafushi to Mirihi, you’ll be spoilt for choice when planning your next trip to paradise. Here’s everything you need to know:

Maldives perfect paradiseMandy in The Maldives


The Maldives islands are home to some of the most alluring beaches in the world, and it should be on everyone’s holiday to-do list to explore at least one. One of the most enviable parts of any Maldives holiday is that you’re guaranteed to be located just minutes away from the shore.

In fact, many hotels and beach villas even offer “floating” accommodation, meaning you’ll be staying in a gorgeous beach hut propped up by stilts jutting out of the serene Indian Ocean. All you’ll need to do is open your front door for a view you’ll never forget!

old wooden boat in bright blue waterLocal fisherman

The Culture

Due to their geographical location, the Maldives islands have been influenced largely by their surrounding countries. As a result, they each boast an incredible variety of different traditions, cuisines and languages influenced by Indian, Sri Lankan and Indonesian cultures to name a few.

Despite the many islands of the Maldives, the country’s population is extremely small in comparison to many others. In 2018, the population of the Maldives had reached approximately 448,000 people. When you imagine that the current population of London alone exceeds eight million people, it puts into perspective how small this figure really is.

A mixture of different platter of local Maldives mealsCooked Fresh Shrimp with Rice Served food in Male Maldive

The Food

It’ll come as no surprise that seafood is one of the most popular ingredients to cook with in the Maldives. In fact, the majority of meals contain at least one type of seafood, supplemented with lots of fresh fruit, vegetables and irresistible flavourings.

These include:

Garudhiya – This is a tasty broth made with fish. It’s usually served on a bed of rice and garnished with lime and chilli for extra flavour.

Keemia – These are deep-fried fish rolls made from tuna and flavoured with chilli, curry leaves and other spices.

Dhon riha – Dhon riha is a popular tuna curry seasoned with lots of coconut and even mango.

Plane flying over the Maldiveswoman at beautiful water villa

When Is The Best Time To Go?

So, when is the best time of year to book the island break of your dreams? Fortunately, temperatures are hot all year round, so no matter when you book your holiday, you can expect highs of 31 degrees and lows of 25 degrees. However, it’s good to be aware that the Maldives experience dry and wet seasons, so the best time of year to visit is usually between December and April. Between these months, visitors can enjoy low wind levels, low rainfall and hot temperatures.

Luxury Accommodation

The Maldives and the Caribbean are both home to a myriad of gorgeous islands and luxury accommodation. From all inclusive resorts such as Secrets Wild Orchid, Montego Bay to romantic getaways like the angelic Anantara Dhigu Resort, Maldives. Whether you dream of snorkelling among colourful shoals of fish or basking in the warm shade cast by majestic palm trees, Just Perfect Holidays have amazing holiday deals to give you the perfect escape.

Whatever you decide…

Whichever destination attracts your attention the most, We offer a selection of unmissable holiday offers to destinations such as Barbados, Grenada and the many islands of the Maldives for an island break you’ll never forget.

What are you waiting for? Whether you dream of exploring the incredible Caribbean or lounging by the sea in the Maldives, let us at Just Perfect Holidays take care of everything. Get in touch to discuss our range of low-cost business and first class flights today.

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Perfect islands, balanced with extraordinarily perfect weather, the Caribbean and Maldive islands are a cut above the rest. Whether you’re looking for the ultimate romantic break for two, an adventurous escape, or a family fun filled trip of a lifetime, contact us today for the best first hand advice possible.

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Perfect holidays in The Maldives & Caribbean

The Caribbean and the Maldives are home to some of the most beautiful places on earth and are both renowned for their picturesque landscapes, mild water temperatures and delicious cuisine.

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